Our Mission

An estimated 1.5 Million Pounds of trash per hour is dumped in our oceans. Ocean & Co recognizes that this problem CANNOT be solved by ocean clean up efforts alone. We must cut off the flow of trash or cleanups will be an endless battle. Ocean & Co is dedicated to supporting research efforts and awareness campaigns to help fund a solution to the problem and to obliterate ocean pollution.

Organizations that are claiming to clean up 1 pound of trash for every bracelet sold would have to sell $30 million dollars of bracelets EVERY HOUR just to keep up with trash entering the ocean!

Every purchase with k9crusader helps fund efforts to stop the flow of plastics into our oceans! We thank you for your continued support!

Our Mission is to sell sustainable, quality, and eco-friendly products and raise awareness of the impact that pollution has on our oceans. With every purchase we make a donation to organizations that are preventing ocean pollution through research, awareness and education.